What is the Best Kailh Box Switch? (Sound Test & Review)

Kailh Box switches are popular right now, and for good reason!

They are quality switches that sound & feel great, and they’re affordable.

But what is the best Kailh Box switch?

This depends on the type of switch you’re looking for (linear vs tactile vs clicky). Here are my recommended Kailh Box Switches:

TypeRecommended SwitchNotesFind them here
LinearKailh Box BlackThe Kailh Box Blacks are great, but we recommend going with a different switch brand for linears (like the Gateron Milky Yellows, Ink Blacks, Cherry Blacks, or Akko Silvers)View on Amazon
Linear (Silent)Kailh Deep SeaThe Deep Sea Oceans are a SILENT switch that still sounds crackly and feels great! #1 silent switchView on Amazon
TactileKailh Box Burnt OrangeGreat tactility and a nice sound, Kailh doesn’t offer a ton of tactile switch options.View on Amazon
ClickyKailh Box JadeOur #1 clicky switch recommendation of all time! Their loud, crunchy, and metallic sounding.View on Amazon
ClickyKailh Box WhiteThe Runner-up. The Box White is another “click bar” switch similar to the Jades and Pinks, with a slightly different sound profileView on Amazon
ClickyKailh Box PinkThe Box Pink is similar to the Box Jades, but slightly less loud and metallic. It’s a good balance!View on Amazon

But before you go buy some–keep reading to learn a BIT more details that’ll make sure you’re getting the correct switch for your keyboard 🙂

What are Kailh BOX switches?

There are a few features that set “BOX” switches apart from normal Cherry MX style switches:

  • Internal “box” compartment
  • Shape of the stem
  • A “click bar” mechanism (clicky switches only)

Internal box compartment

The “box” in Kailh Box switches actually refers to the box compartment located within the switch housing.

inside a kailh box switch
Inside a Kailh BOX switch

This tiny box has a small lid, which covers the copper actuation leaves and has a tiny colored plastic “nob” that sticks out of the box.

This box protects against dust and water, to a degree!

The stem features an additional box shape

kailh box switches
Copper (non box), Red Bean Pudding (box), and Deep Sea Ocean (circle, box)

Although Kailh Box switches are still “Cherry MX style,” meaning the stems have the standard cross shape (and will fit standard MX-style keycaps)–the stems on Kailh Box switches have an additional box (or circle) outlining the cross.

The goal of the shaped stems is to produce a smoother, more consistent keystroke with less wobble.

Click bar mechanism (clicky switches only)

For the Kailh Box Jades, Pinks, Navys, Pale Blues, Whites, etc—these clicky switches function differently than normal clicky switches (like Cherry Blues, etc).

inside a Kailh Box CLICKY switch (click bar mechanism)

The click bar switches have a much more pleasant click sound, and generally feel a bit thicker than normal clicky switches.

The Kailh box clicky switches are hugely popular in the mechanical keyboard communities!

So while Kailh Box switches do have a few minor differences between “normal” switches, it’s worth noting that the differences in sound and feel are still pretty small!

What’s the Best Kailh Box LINEAR Switch?

On Sale
Kailh Box Black Switch for Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 3 Pin Plate Mounted/RGB/SMD Waterproof MX Lever Switch...
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  • 3 pin switch,Compatible with Cherry style hot-swap keyboards
  • Total Travel:3.6mm±0.3cmm |Tactile Force: 60g,Max Service life: 80,000,000 Cycles(min)

Here are the options for Kailh Box linear switches:

  • Box Red
  • Box Black
  • Box Dark Yellow

Out of these, the Kailh Box Blacks are the best linear box switch.

With a 60g actuation force, they’re heavier, thicker, and much deeper sounding than the Box Reds or Box Dark Yellows.

However, if you’re looking for a linear switch, we’d recommend NOT getting a Kailh Box switch!

(Unless you’re looking for a silent switch, then we’d recommend Kailh Deep Sea Oceans! Our review here).

You’d be better off with one of the following (which aren’t more expensive):

Those switches are far better than Kailh Box linear switches.

Click here to see our top linear switches.

What’s the Best Kailh Box TACTILE Switch?

10-Pack Wholesales Kailh Box Navy Blue Jade Yellow Orange Tactile Clicky 3 pin Switches IP56 Water-Proof Compatible...
  • package:10PCS
  • This link is only the shaft and switches for mechanical keyboard,no alu tester included.
  • It can only be used with SMD led,can't use switch led.

A tactile switch is one that has a small “bump” feel part of the way through the key press. This bump provides “tactile feedback” to your finger, helping you “feel” when the key has actually registered to the computer.

Here are the Kailh Box tactile options:

  • Box Brown
  • Box Silent Brown
  • Box Burnt Orange

The Kailh Box Orange switches are the best tactile switch from Kailh, and it’s not even close!

The Box Browns (45g actuation force) feel cheap and sound scratchy. They also have a bit of stem wobble.

The Box Orange switches are MUCH heavier (60g actuation force, similar to the Box Blacks), and produce a satisfying tactile bump.

Plus, they tend to run much cheaper than other premium tactile switches (like the Drop Holy Pandas, Glorious Pandas, Boba U4T, etc).

See our full tactile switch recommendations here.

What’s the Best Kailh Box CLICKY Switch?

When it comes to clicky switches, the Kailh Box switches are the best on the market. This is mostly due to the “click bar” mechanism that sounds and feel much better than standard clicky switches.

You have several Kailh Box clicky switches to choose from:

Clicky SwitchActuation (Operating) Force
Box White45g light
Box Jade50g medium
Box Mute Jade50g medium (silent switch)
Box Pink55g medium
Box Pale Blue60g heavy
Box Navy75g super heavy

Out of all the Kailh Box clicky switches, the Jade, Pink, and Whites are my personal favorite–but they’re all best in class!

You should choose one of these based on the resistance you prefer:

  • Lighter actuation force (Box White): Slightly easier to press in, faster, and higher in pitch
  • Heavier actuation force (Box Navy): Slightly “thicker” to press in, smoother, deeper in pitch

There’s no “right answer.” All of the Kailh box clicky switches use the click bar mechanism, and sound and feel roughly the same. Some people prefer the Box Whites, and some the Box Jades or Box Pinks!

Here’s two sound test between my personal favorites:

Kailh Box Pink sound test

And here’s the slightly different Box Jades:

Kailh Box Jade sound test

As you can see, the differences are small, but all of the Kailh Box clicky switches are amazing. Choose one based on the heaviness you prefer.

Here’s our post on the best clicky switches!

Conclusion: What’s the best Kailh Box switch for me?

There are several excellent mechanical switches from Kailh, and the switch you choose will come down to what type of switch you want.

  • For a linear switch, I recommend the Kailh Box Black (thick and smooth)
  • For a tactile switch, the Kailh Box Burnt Orange switches are plenty tactile and heavy
  • For a clicky switch, I personally suggest the Kailh Box Jades, Pinks, or Whites (but the Pale Blue and Navy switches are still excellent clicky switches).

That’s it! Go enjoy clacking on your Kailh box switches 🙂

Kailh Box Frequently Asked Questions:

Which Kailh switches are clicky?

Here’s a list of clicky switches from Kailh:

SwitchSwitch DesignOperating Force
Speed BronzeNormal Cherry MX style50g
Speed GoldNormal Cherry MX style50g
Speed NavyNormal Cherry MX style70g
Pro Light GreenNormal Cherry MX style50g
Box JadeBox switch50g
Box Mute JadeBox switch50g
Box PinkBox switch55g
Box Silent PinkBox switch55g
Box WhiteBox switch45g
Box Pale BlueBox switch60g
Box NavyBox switch75g

Is Kailh Box red clicky?

No. The Kailh Box Reds are a linear switch (with no tactile bump and no click mechanism). The Kailh Box Blacks and Dark Yellows are also linear switches. In fact, most mechanical switches that refer to the color “red” are linear switches (including Cherry MX Reds, Gateron Reds, Akko Rose Reds, etc).

Is Kailh Box better than Cherry?

Not necessarily. This will depend on the type of switch you’re looking for (linear, tactile, or clicky). Cherry MX Reds and MX Blacks are community favorites, and probably better than Kailh Box linear switches. However, Kailh Box tactile and clicky switches (like the Box Burnt Orange and Box Jades) are excellent switches and often preferred to Cherry MX Browns, Clears, Blues, and Greens. Click here to read more about Kailh Box vs Cherry switches.