NuPhy Halo65 Review & Sound Test

NuPhy Halo65 Mechanical Keyboard

A 65% size mechanical keyboard that is heavy, well-built, sounds and feels great, and has a ton of premium features.

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Are you ready for a HEAVY dive into a mechanical keyboard that’s got people buzzing?

It’s time to lift the giant weight of the NuPhy Halo65 – a 65% layout mechanical keyboard that boasts fantastic features at a steal of a price, ranging from $120-140.

My Overall Thoughts: I LOVED the NuPhy Halo65. This keyboard is built like a truck (seriously, it’s one of the heaviest keyboards I’ve ever tried) yet feels and sounds like a dream. With its broad array of features at a decent price point, the Halo65 is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite keyboards, and I have a feeling you might feel the same!

Click here to check out the Halo65 on Nuphy’s website, and see below for Amazon 😉

On Sale
nuphy Halo65 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with PBT Keycaps, 65% RGB Hot-swap Wireless Keyboard, Supports...
  • NuPhy has taken a radical approach to Halo65’s design language. A band of light, the ‘Halo’, forms the central piece that unites the solid unibody aluminum frame, first seen on a fully assembled...
  • The battery capacity is upgraded again. The Halo65 game keyboard has a battery capacity of 4000 mA and can support 240 hours of continuous use. Turn off the light to extend the use time again....
  • With 2 rings of illumination, 17 different default light effects, 65 RGB LEDs, 16M RGB colors, and unlimited software customizability at your fingertips, the show never stops with Halolight. And it is...

Let’s weigh in on the details 😉

Sound Test

Let’s chat sound, shall we?

The NuPhy Halo65 with BBK switches offers a delightful auditory experience. These switches have a unique, satisfying clack that’s reminiscent of wood (trust us, it works). It’s a pleasing sound that adds a whole new layer of enjoyment to your typing sessions, making the Halo65 a delight for both your fingers and ears!

Pros and Cons

If you wanna pick up the NuPhy Halo65, here are my quick pros and cons:


  • BBK Switches (and nice Gateron Pro options): The Baby Kangaroo tactile switches offer a solid, satisfying typing experience with excellent tactility.
  • Price: The Halo65 is priced competitively (not budget, but not terrible!), offering great features at an affordable cost for a premium keyboard.
  • Build Quality: The sturdy construction and heft of the Halo65 make it feel like it’s built to last, ensuring durability and reliability.


  • Not a SUPER Budget Keyboard: While it’s more affordable than some other premium keyboards, the Halo65 is still not a true budget option for those seeking the lowest-priced mechanical keyboards.
  • Non-QMK/VIA Compatibility: The Halo65 is not QMK- nor VIA-compatible, which means customization options through these popular tools are not available, which can be a deal-breaker for some enthusiasts.

If I had my way, I’d make all keyboards everywhere QMK-compatible. 😉

Key Features on the Halo65!

It’s time we take a closer look at what sets the NuPhy Halo65 apart from its competitors. Even though it’s a budget-friendly keyboard, the Halo65 packs a punch with some stellar features.

Sound Dampening

One of the most impressive aspects of the Halo65 is its superb sound dampening. If you’re sensitive to noise, or if you don’t want to disturb your roomies, the Halo65 has you covered. This keyboard’s special construction and materials make sure that any clacking is pleasingly muted, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a stealthy keyboard?

(your spouse and coworkers, that’s who)

This also adds a lot of weight to the keyboard (this, and the half-aluminum-half-plastic frame)

Gateron G Pro Switch Options (or two unique collabs)

BBK baby kangaroo switches
they sent me the BBK (baby kangaroo) switches!

Gateron G Pro switches are the heart of the Halo65. With a wide variety of options to choose from, this versatile keyboard caters to everyone—from speedy typists to intense gamers.

The Gateron Pro line is EXCELLENT for pre-built keyboards! So much better than the cheap, budget-switch options.

Check out our full guide to keyboard switches here.

RBG Side Lighting

halo65 rgb side lighting

We all know aesthetics are essential, and the Halo65 does not disappoint.

The GMMK Pro keyboard brought side-lighting to the mainstream, and you won’t see it often in budget(ish) keyboards.

It looks fantastic on the Halo65!

Its eye-catching RGB side lighting can instantly brighten up your desk setup. Get ready for your friends to ask, “Hey, what keyboard is that?” and soak up the compliments.

Built Like a Truck

Heavily built and durable, the Halo65 is definitely not a flimsy keyboard that’ll give up on you in a jiffy. If you’ve ever felt disappointed by lightweight keyboards that don’t seem to withstand the test of time, the Halo65 will not only stand strong but also keep shining while doing so!

With these impressive key features, the NuPhy Halo65 is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the world of budget mechanical keyboards. Next, let’s talk about those baby kangaroo switches!

The BBK (Baby Kangaroo) Tactile Switches

There’s a reason why the BBK switches on the NuPhy Halo65 are nicknamed “Baby Kangaroo.” These little wonders, born out of the collaboration between NuPhy and Gateron, bring a whole new level of delight to your typing experience.

The BBK switches deliver an IMMEDIATE and strong tactile response, hitting the maximum tactility at a mere 0.5mm of travel. This lays a stable foundation for a well-controlled downstroke. The 22mm two-stage spring ensures a swift bottom out and a snappy return, making the overall typing experience robust, efficient, and downright powerful.

If you’re looking for a switch that helps you type with precision and authority, the Baby Kangaroo switches have got your back. 

They also make a linear version, the Baby Raccoon switches!

I personally haven’t typed on these, but I imagine they’re solid as well.

Alternatives to the Halo65

While we absolutely adore the NuPhy Halo65, there are some other similarly-priced options out there that are worth considering – one of which is Keychron.

Keychron is well-known for producing high-quality mechanical keyboards that are both affordable and packed with features.

Keychron K6 Bluetooth 5.1 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Gateron G Pro Brown Switch/LED Backlit/Rechargeable...
  • The Keychron K6 is a compact 65% layout white backlight Bluetooth wireless mechanical keyboard made for Mac and Windows. The K6 is crafted to maximize your workspace and enhance productivity.
  • With a unique Mac layout, Windows compatibility and dedicated arrow keys, the K6 is offering convenient accessibility to all the essential multimedia and function keys through the combination of key...
  • Connects with up to 3 devices via the reliable Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 chipset and switch among them easily for multitasking needs. The K6 is best to fit home, office and light gaming use while...

One of their popular offerings is the Keychron K6 – a 65% layout mechanical keyboard that shares a similar layout with the Halo65.

The Keychron K6 comes with a variety of switch options like Gateron Mechanical and LK Optical switches, hot-swappable keys, Bluetooth connectivity, and an aluminum frame for added durability.

However, I still think the Halo65 sounds/feels better than the K6.

I have several Keychron keyboards, and this feels better.

Check out this post for more of our compact keyboard recommendations!


Are NuPhy keyboards worth it?

I’ve tested hundreds of keyboards, and the NuPhy keyboards are definitely worth considering, especially for those looking for a premium pre-built keyboard. With their unique sound dampening, switch options, and impressive RGB lighting, NuPhy keyboards offer great value for the price.

Is the Halo65 good?

Yes, the NuPhy Halo65 is a fantastic 65% layout mechanical keyboard with a premium feel at an affordable price. Its sound dampening, switch options, and RGB side lighting make for a thoroughly enjoyable typing experience.

What is the difference between NuPhy Air60 and Air75?

The Air60 and Air75 differ primarily in their layout and key count. The Air60 is a compact 60% layout, while the Air75 has a 75% layout with additional keys like arrow keys, function keys, and a few other buttons. The specific choice between the two models would depend on your personal preferences and typing needs.

Is NuPhy made in China?

NuPhy is a Chinese brand, producing their keyboards in China. Despite this, their keyboards are high-quality and provide a great typing experience, rivaling well-known brands in the mechanical keyboard market.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy the Halo65?

Yes, it’s worth it.

If you’re looking for a 65% layout mechanical keyboard that’s MOSTLY budget-friendly and feature-packed, the NuPhy Halo65 is an excellent choice. With its fantastic sound dampening, Gateron G Pro switch options, and premium feel (again, it’s super heavy), it’s a fantastic choice!

I can sincerely recommend the BBK switches as well 😉