NuPhy Air75 Review: The Ultimate Low-Profile Keyboard?

SUMMARY: The NuPhy Air75 V2 is easily best *pre-built* low-profile keyboard I’ve used. It’s built like a truck (heavy with a premium feel), and it has all the best features money can buy these days (and it’s QMK compatible!!). It even fits on most laptops! Pair this with one of the super fun cases from NuPhy, and this is an amazing travel keyboard!

For a long time, pre-built mechanical keyboards were kinda ‘meh.’

The super nerds needed to shell out $300+ to make a fully custom keyboard.

Not anymore!

Brands like NuPhy (and others of course) are starting to make AMAZING keyboards for around $100.

In this post, I’m diving deep on the low-profile NuPhy Air75 V2.

Let’s clack 😉

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Air75 V2 Sound Test

Keyboard Overview

Enter the NuPhy Air75 V2: a wireless mechanical keyboard that redefines what it means to be low-profile.

air 75 from top

This gem from NuPhy not only brings a sleek and modern design to your desk but also boasts technical prowess with a 1000Hz polling rate for lightning-fast response times (this is a really big selling point for a wireless keyboard. Great for gamers!)

Sporting a slim form factor (less than an inch!) accompanied by innovative low-profile double-shot PBT keycaps, the NuPhy Air75 turns heads and invites fingers to dance across its surface with ease.

The inclusion of customizable firmware via QMK/VIA is a major, MAJOR plus for this keyboard!

The Air75 doesn’t stop at its striking aesthetics and customizability. Taking user experience to new heights, the keyboard comes equipped with a robust 4000mAh battery, which is on the higher end for wireless keebs.


air75 height

The NuPhy Air75 V2 boasts a plethora of features that mark its territory in the competitive landscape of mechanical keyboards.

A flagship trait is its remarkable 1000Hz 2.4G wireless connection, which caters to the demands of high-paced environments without the constraints of cables. (using the provided dongle, of course. The Bluetooth connection wouldn’t be quite that fast!)

Combined with QMK/VIA firmware customization, users are provided with a rich, personalized typing experience that allows extensive key remapping and lighting adjustments across all major operating systems, including Mac, Windows, and Linux.

A prominent draw for the NuPhy Air75 V2 is its newly minted array of switch options, including the tactile “Moss” switch, which offers an engaging early bump, and the linear, snappy “Cowberry” switch, catering to different typing preferences. The fervor for these switches, especially the linear Daisy variants, is palpable among enthusiasts for their smooth keystrokes and reliability.

The design does not stop at pure functionality; aesthetic and acoustic finesse have also been finely tuned. Notable is the implementation of plate poron and IXPE PCB sound purification, which work in harmony to deliver a crisp typing echo—a delight to both the ears and fingers. This auditory elegance is encapsulated in a sleek chassis, complemented by durable, low-profile double-shot PBT keycaps that promise longevity and resilience. Nevertheless, some users have voiced their wish for shine-through keycaps to enhance the visibility of the backlighting.

NuPhy’s dedication to compatibility and versatility shines with the inclusion of an innovative laptop-mounting feature. This adaptability allows the Air75 V2 to nestle comfortably over a broad spectrum of laptops, thus translating to a seamless transition for users frequently on the move, and for those who demand more than the standard laptop keyboard experience.

As much as the Air75 V2 impresses with these compelling features, some users have raised concerns about the practicality of the included carrying case, prompting a discussion on how additional accessories could enhance overall user satisfaction. Nevertheless, the versatile functions, along with the keyboard’s structural and acoustic enhancements, solidify the NuPhy Air75 V2’s position as a powerhouse in the realm of low-profile mechanical keyboards.

Thorough Review

Diving deeper into the NuPhy Air75 V2, users will appreciate the meticulous attention to detail that has made its way into every aspect of its design. The keyboard offers a satisfying and responsive typing experience, thanks in no small part to its broad selection of switch options, such as the preferred linear Daisy switches known for their smooth keystrokes.

The Air75 V2’s 1000Hz polling rate and support for QMK/VIA firmware customization cater to the needs of gamers and professionals alike, allowing for personalization of not just the key mappings and macros but also the RGB backlighting to suit any mood or setup.

Another standout feature is its sizable 4000mAh battery which guarantees longevity and uninterrupted use. The multi-OS compatibility ensures that this keyboard is as versatile as it is powerful, functioning seamlessly with Mac, Windows, and Linux systems. Additionally, the inclusion of structural sound enhancements contributes to a more solid and premium feel, reducing ping and improving overall acoustic clarity.

While there is much to praise, the NuPhy Air75 V2 is not without its drawbacks. Customers have raised concerns about the non-shine-through keycaps which might not appeal to users who rely on backlighting to navigate their keyboards in low-light conditions. Additionally, the practicality of the included carrying case has been questioned, as its necessity and usability do not seem to align with the needs of the majority of users.

  • Pros:
    • Sleek low-profile design with high-quality double-shot PBT keycaps
    • Varied switch types, including the acclaimed linear Daisy switches
    • Enhanced battery life with a 4000mAh capacity
    • Customization potential with QMK/VIA firmware
    • Sturdy build quality with sound improvement features
    • Wireless connectivity and multi-device, multi-OS compatibility
    • Laptop compatibility feature for convenience and portability
  • Cons:
    • Non-shine-through keycaps might limit visibility for some users
    • Included carrying case may not meet everyone’s practical needs


The keyboard market flourishes with options, and the NuPhy Air75 V2, despite its exceptional features, competes with a bevy of alternatives. Keyboards like the Keychron K3 offer a similar low-profile design with hot-swappable switches, appealing to those who desire the flexibility to change switches without soldering.

For enthusiasts looking for a custom build experience, the GMMK Pro presents itself as a formidable option. It allows for extensive customization and supports a richer audiophile-grade sound profile, albeit with a heftier frame and traditional high-profile construction.

For Apple users, the Magic Keyboard stands out as a direct competitor, especially in terms of design and seamless OS integration, although it lacks the mechanical switch variety and customization that the NuPhy Air75 V2 provides.

Each of these alternatives brings strengths to the table, whether it be in customization, brand ecosystem integration, or build options. Ultimately, the choice boils down to personal preference and the specific requirements of the user, such as the need for mechanical switches, customizable firmware, or connectivity options.


Upon careful consideration, it is evident that the NuPhy Air75 V2 stands out as a superior option for enthusiasts looking for the best pre-built, low-profile mechanical keyboard currently available.

  • The NuPhy Air75 V2 is equipped with a high 1000Hz polling rate and a long-lasting 4000mAh battery, facilitating lasting connectivity and wireless functionality.
  • It supports comprehensive customization with QMK/VIA firmware, which caters to a variety of operating systems, enhancing its versatility.
  • The keyboard’s new switch offerings like the “Moss” and “Cowberry” are innovations that improve typing experience and responsiveness.
  • Structural sound enhancements through plate poron and IXPE PCB sound purification greatly increase the acoustic quality of your keystrokes.
  • With multi-OS compatibility and the unique ability to mount over laptops, the Air75 V2 is designed for convenience, catering to a broad user base.
  • While it shines in many areas, users have noted some concerns such as the non-backlit keycaps and a carrying case that may not meet everyone’s practical needs.

For those seeking a top-tier, low-profile keyboard that doesn’t compromise performance for style, the NuPhy Air75 V2 is an excellent purchase you won’t regret making.

NuPhy Air75 FAQs

What are the key features of the NuPhy Air75 V2 keyboard?

The NuPhy Air75 V2 is a wireless mechanical keyboard that boasts a suite of key features, including a 1000Hz polling rate for responsive connectivity, a large 4000mAh battery, and QMK/VIA firmware for extensive customization. It offers new switch variants for an improved typing experience, structural sound enhancements for better acoustics, and multi-OS compatibility, making it highly versatile for various users.

Can the NuPhy Air75 V2 be customized for different operating systems?

Yes, the NuPhy Air75 V2 supports firmware customization through QMK/VIA, which allows users to extensively remap keys, customize lighting, and ensure compatibility across multiple operating systems such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. This level of customization makes the Air75 V2 adaptable to the preferences and requirements of a wide range of users.

How does the battery life of the Air75 V2 compare to other keyboards?

The NuPhy Air75 V2 has a 4000mAh battery which gives it an impressive battery life, outlasting many competitors in the low-profile mechanical keyboard market. This long-lasting battery life ensures that users experience minimal interruption and full functionality even during extended periods of wireless use.

Are there any notable concerns about the NuPhy Air75 V2?

While the NuPhy Air75 V2 is well-regarded for its performance and features, some users have noted concerns with the non-shine-through keycaps which may not be ideal for low-light conditions. Additionally, the practicality of the included carrying case has been questioned, as it may not meet the functional expectations of all consumers.

Is the NuPhy Air75 V2 suitable for use with laptops?

The Air75 V2 features a convenient laptop compatibility option that allows the keyboard to be mounted over a range of laptops, including MacBooks and various other brands. This seamlessly integrates with a user’s mobile setup, adding to the convenience and ergonomic advantages of using the Air75 V2.