Cherry MX Black Clear Top (Nixie) Review & Sound Test

The mechanical keyboard community is funny… The Cherry Black Clear Top switches (called “nixies”) were around in the 1980s, and somehow developed a fun cult following among keyboard enthusiasts… But the old “nixies” were expensive and hard to find. Thankfully, Cherry decided to do something fun for the community and officially release the Cherry MX … Read more

Are Blue Switches Good for Gaming? The Details, Explained.

I’m going to be really honest… I don’t understand why so many gamers & mechanical keyboard enthusiasts hate clicky switches (including Cherry MX Blue, etc, etc). There might be a few reasons that clicky switches aren’t the best for gaming… But the answer is more nuanced than that! So. Are blue switches good for gaming? … Read more

Are Red Switches Good for Gaming? Why?

If you’re a PC gamer, there are a few things you’re CONSTANTLY on the lookout for… So when it comes to mechanical keyboards, red linear switches are by FAR the preferred choice. But why?? Let’s get into it 😉 Are Red Switches Good for Gaming? Yes, but there are other switches that work great for … Read more

What are Gateron Milky switches? (Details & Differences)

Gateron is a VERY popular mechanical keyboard switch brand… (and a cheaper alternative to Cherry switches, Boba, ZealPC, and others). But I get it. ☚ī¸ There are a LOT of different switch options and it can be overwhelming to sort through them! So what are Gateron Milky Switches? Gateron Milky Switches are made with different … Read more

NK Sherbet Review (& Switch Sound Test)

The Novelkeys (NK) Sherbet is one of the most popular clicky switches in the mechanical keyboard world… But are they worth the hype? Below is my thorough review of the NK Sherbet clicky switches. Bottom Line: The NK Sherbets use a “click bar” mechanism to produce the clicking sound, which is much more pleasant and … Read more

Kailh Deep Sea Switches (Review & Sound Test)

Kailh Deep Sea Switches review

Sometimes, mechanical keyboards can be a bit too loud…even for those of us who enjoy the clacky & thocky! And while they do make “silent” switches, they generally feel mushier and NOT satisfying! Well, not anymore 😉 Below is my thorough review & sound test for the Kailh Deep Sea Silent linear switches! Overall Takeaway: … Read more