NuPhy Halo65 Review & Sound Test

nuphy halo65 review and sound test

Are you ready for a HEAVY dive into a mechanical keyboard that’s got people buzzing? It’s time to lift the giant weight of the NuPhy Halo65 – a 65% layout mechanical keyboard that boasts fantastic features at a steal of a price, ranging from $120-140. My Overall Thoughts: I LOVED the NuPhy Halo65. This keyboard … Read more

Keychron K12 Review & Sound Test

Below is my thorough review of the Keychron K12. To be frank, I’m just a weeeee bit of a Keychron fan… I own 5 different versions of these (in different sizes), and truthfully, they’re all dang good! 🤦‍♂️ But what about this new(ish) 60% layout? Overall thoughts: The K12 is really well built, but the … Read more

Kit Adam Keyboard Review & Sound Test (KBDcraft)

kit adam review

Below is my thorough Kit Adam keyboard review (from KBDcraft). It’s the world’s first (maybe?) LEGO KEYBOARD KIT! Not only is this a really fun thing to build (the keyboard kit comes with everything you need, almost)…but the keyboard sounds & feels legit! Kit Adam Bottom Line: This “Lego brick” keyboard is not only really … Read more