How Many Devices Can NuPhy Keyboards Connect To? Exploring Bluetooth Capabilities

How many devices can you have on NuPhy?

SUMMARY: NuPhy mechanical keyboards offer Bluetooth connectivity for up to four devices, supporting easy switching with the “Function” key plus numbers 1 to 4, making device management seamless and efficient for multi-device users. Are you juggling multiple devices and wondering how many can seamlessly integrate with your NuPhy keyboard? Discover the impressive multi-device management capabilities … Read more

Do Cherry Keyboards Work With a Mac? (Setup Guide)

Cherry is one of the oldest & best brands in the world of mechanical keyboards… But do Cherry keyboards work with Mac computers? Yes, all Cherry keyboards will function on Mac, even those that aren’t listed as “for Mac.” However, You might have to change a few keyboard settings in macOS System Preferences (swapping the … Read more

Do Drop Keyboards Work With Mac? (CTRL and ALT Setup Guide)

The Drop ALT and the Drop CTRL are two PREMIUM mechanical keyboards that are wildly popular in the community. But do Drop keyboards work with Mac computers? Yes, Drop mechanical keyboards are fully compatible with Mac. However, you’ll probably need to open your System Preferences and tweak 1-2 settings (the keyboard modifiers). Additionally, the Drop … Read more

Does Roccat Work With Mac? (Setup Guide)

In the past few years, Roccat has been making some AMAZING gaming keyboards & mice… But does Roccat work with Mac computers? Yes, all Roccat keyboards and mice will function on Mac computers. However, Roccat’s software drivers are only available for Windows. Luckily, there are a few minor tweaks you can make in MacOS System … Read more

Does Steelseries Work With Mac? (Full Setup Guide)

SteelSeries is one of the BEST gaming companies on the planet (the SteelSeries Apex Pro is amazing)! But does SteelSeries work with Mac computers? Yes, all SteelSeries keyboards are fully compatible with Mac. However, you will need to make 1-2 minor tweaks in macOS system preferences (swapping the modifier keys) in order to set up … Read more

How to Paint a Keyboard (Easy DIY Guide)

Tired of that 1990’s black keyboard look and want to spice up your desk? Painting your keyboard is surprisingly easy (and fun), and allows you to get EXACTLY the design you’re looking for! ⌨️ Here’s how to paint your keyboard: But be careful… There are definitely some pitfalls you’ll want to watch out for if … Read more

Do Logitech Keyboards Work with Mac? (Setup Guide)

If there’s one GIANT company in the keyboard industry, it’s probably Logitech. But do Logitech keyboards work with Mac computers? Yes, all Logitech keyboards are fully compatible with Mac, and some models (labeled “for Mac”) will work with macOS right out of the box. For Windows models, however, you will need to make 1-2 minor … Read more