Is NuPhy Halo65 Hot-Swappable? An In-Depth Look at Its Features

SUMMARY: The NuPhy Halo65, along with all NuPhy keyboards, features hot-swappable PCBs that permit switch replacements without soldering, enhancing customization and extending the keyboard’s lifespan.

Tired of being tethered to a single switch type on your mechanical keyboard?

Imagine a world where you can tailor your typing experience with ease.

  • Defining hot-swappability and its significance
  • Detailing the NuPhy Halo65’s design and features
  • Examining the hot-swappable nature of NuPhy keyboards
  • Understanding the user experience with hot-swappable keyboards

Here’s our official review of the Halo65 keyboard!

Keep reading to discover how NuPhy Halo65 offers a versatile solution to enhance your typing game.

What Does Hot-Swappable Mean?

For the uninitiated, ‘hot-swappable’ refers to the ability of a keyboard to allow its switches – the components under the keys responsible for the actuation of keystrokes – to be replaced without the need to solder. This feature is a game-changer for keyboard enthusiasts who crave customization and those who require specific typing experiences based on their use case.

  • Switch out your keyboard’s switches without the need for specialized tools or technical know-how.
  • Experiment with different switch types, from tactile and clicky to linear, to find your preferred typing feel.
  • Enhance the longevity of your keyboard by easily replacing worn-out switches.
  • Make real-time adjustments to your keyboard to suit various tasks, whether it’s gaming, typing, or creative work.
you’ll need, but they come with the Halo65!

Hot-swappability is not only a luxury but a practical feature that puts the power of personalization right at your fingertips.

The NuPhy Halo65 Keyboard

At the heart of the conversation regarding hot-swappable functionality is the NuPhy Halo65 keyboard. This elegantly designed keyboard is not only aesthetically pleasing with its minimalistic and sleek appearance but also stands out in its technical capabilities. The design incorporates a compact 65% layout, which is a perfect balance for users who desire a more efficient desktop space without sacrificing essential keys such as arrows and navigation controls.

While its form factor is an immediate eye-catcher, what’s more pivotal for our discussion is the Halo65’s focus on innovation and user-centric design. It’s important to note that this model is built with a hot-swappable PCB, which is a major highlight for those interested in the intricacies and customization potential of their keyboards. NuPhy has designed the Halo65 to be accommodating to a variety of mechanical switch types, which include but are not limited to Cherry MX, Gateron, and Kailh standards, meaning that whether you’re a fan of a particular switch brand or are simply in the mood for a change of switch type, the Halo65 has you covered.

The versatility does not end there. With its hot-swappable capability, the Halo65 ensures that users are not confined to the original feel of the keyboard. This feature opens up a world of customization for both enthusiasts who delight in experimenting with different switches and feel, and for casual users who might be new to the mechanical keyboard scene and are looking for a keyboard that can adapt to their evolving preferences.

Moreover, the hot-swappable aspect also indicates that this keyboard is prepared for future adaptations. As new switch types come into the market or as personal typing demands shift over time, the NuPhy Halo65 can change along, effectively future-proofing the investment into this keyboard. This ability to adapt is a significant advantage and unassumingly positions the Halo65 as a forerunner in the keyboard market.

In essence, the NuPhy Halo65 resonates with a philosophy that values flexibility and personal preference, allowing every keystroke to be as individualized as the user desires. This is no small feat and is a testament to NuPhy’s commitment to cater to a wide range of keyboard users.

The Hot-Swappable Feature of NuPhy Keyboards

It is with certainty that we can confirm the NuPhy Halo65, along with other models from the brand’s lineup, boasts hot-swappable PCBs. This particular design choice is not just a modern trend but a thoughtful inclusion that caters to the evolving needs of keyboard users. The incorporation of a hot-swappable architecture indicates that the Halo65 is equipped to offer a level of customizability and flexibility that is highly sought after in today’s market.

The hot-swappability of NuPhy keyboards like the Halo65 means users can freely change their mechanical switches without the need for soldering. This opens up a world of possibilities for both novices and keyboard aficionados, allowing for easy experimentation with different switch types to find that perfect typing feel or sound. Moreover, it simplifies maintenance and repair processes, significantly extending the lifespan of the keyboard. Overall, the addition of hot-swappable functionalities to the NuPhy Halo65 enhances user experience by making customization effortless and accessible.

User Experience with Hot-Swappability

The incorporation of a hot-swappable PCB in the NuPhy Halo65 profoundly impacts the user experience, contributing to a more tailor-made typing environment. Users of the Halo65 can effortlessly interchange switches to suit their comfort, whether they are in search of a soft tactile feel or a clicky, responsive performance. This level of personalization was once reserved for hobbyists willing to wield a soldering iron, but thanks to the hot-swappable feature, it is now accessible to a wider audience.

For those looking to take full advantage of this feature, a few tips can go a long way. Ensuring that the switches you plan to use are compatible with the Halo65’s PCB is crucial; this typically means opting for switches with a Cherry MX stem design. Additionally, using a switch puller tool can help prevent damage to the switches or the keyboard itself during the swapping process. A gentle touch and patience are virtues when removing or installing switches, ensuring a seamless and satisfying upgrade to your typing experience.


In our journey to understand the hot-swappability of the NuPhy Halo65, we have uncovered its significant contribution to the market of customizable keyboards. The conclusive points of our exploration include:

  • NuPhy has maintained its reputation for offering innovation in the keyboard market, especially with the Halo65’s adaptable design.
  • Hot-swappability provides a definitive advantage, allowing users to customize their keyboard experience without needing soldering tools or technical expertise.
  • The Halo65 not only boasts this feature but does so while remaining compatible with an array of switch types, enhancing its appeal to both enthusiasts and casual users.
  • The inclusion of a hot-swappable PCB extends the lifespan of the keyboard, yielding a sustainable and cost-effective solution for consumers.
  • User experience is greatly enriched by the ease of switch replacement, which ultimately translates into a keyboard that can evolve with the user’s preferences and needs.

In sum, the NuPhy Halo65’s hot-swappability emerges as a standout feature, confirming that this keyboard is an exemplary choice for anyone in pursuit of personalization and flexibility. The nuance of each key’s feel and response is under your control, fostering an unrivaled typing journey that adapts to your tactile wishes. NuPhy continues to impress with its commitment to delivering user-centric design and technological sophistication in the form of the Halo65.

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