Gateron Brown vs Kailh Speed Copper (Sound Test and Comparison)

Looking for a great tactile switch that doesn’t break the bank? Let’s dive in and compare the Gateron Brown vs Kailh Speed Copper mechanical switches: Both Gateron and Kailh switches are budget-friendly MX-style switches (called “Cherry MX clones”) Both switches are tactile (meaning there is a small tactile “bump” during actuation that helps your fingers … Read more

Tecsee Sapphire V2 Review & Sound Test (2023)

Need a tactile switch that sounds crackly, feels solid, and looks sparkling?? Here’s my full Tecsee Sapphire V2 review & sound test! My general thoughts: The Tecsee Sapphire switches are one of the coolest-looking switches I’ve ever seen! The sparkly design looks incredible, and the unique “progressive gold spring” leads to a pleasant “wooden” and … Read more

Tecsee Carrot Review & Sound Test (2023)

Want a budget-ish linear switch that’s smooth and DOESN’T need lubing? Here’s my full Tecsee Carrot review, sound test, and comparison! My overall review: The Tecsee Carrots are a smooth linear switch that sound and feel fantastic right out of the box (without lubing or filming). However, the PME material of the switch housing feels … Read more

Akko Rose Red Review & Sound Test (2023)

Want a super light, fast, and smooth linear switch that doesn’t break the bank? This is my complete Akko Rose Red review, sound test, comparison, etc! The Big Picture: The Akko CS Rose Red switches are 3-pin linear switches that feel light, smooth, and fast. The sound profile can be described as “high-pitch, poppy, and … Read more

Kailh Box Jade Review & Sound Test (for 2023)

kailh box jades review

Satisfying clicky switches are RARE. But if there’s one favorite in the mechanical keyboard community, it’s the Kailh Box Jades. Below is my Kailh Box Jade review, sound test, and comparison 🙂 Big Takeaway: The Box Jade switches are my favorite clicky switch of all time. The unique “click box” mechanism leads to a metallic … Read more

Gateron Milky Yellow vs Ink Black V2 (Comparison)

If you’re looking for a smooth and buttery linear switch for your mechanical keyboard, the premium Gateron switches are unmatched! But which is better? Here’s my comparison of the Gateron Milky Yellow vs Ink Black V2. Let’s dive into more details and some sound tests! Gateron Milky Yellow vs Ink Black: SOUND TEST Similar, but … Read more

Gateron Ink Black V2 Review & Sound Test (2023)

Gateron Ink Black V2 Review

Want to make your mechanical keyboard feel buttery smooth? Here’s my complete Gateron Ink Black V2 review & sound test! Takeaway: The Ink Black switches feel really heavy and smooth, with a deep, pleasant, “muted thocky” sound. They are well made and fairly affordable ($0.75 per switch), but they also feature a tiny amount of … Read more