Akko Jelly Black Review & Sound Test (2023)


Want a super heavy, dense, and smooth linear switch that doesn’t break the bank? This is my complete Akko Jelly Black Review and sound test! Here’s the takeaway: The Akko Jelly Blacks are insanely good for the price! The extended spring makes them “thicker and heavier” for a linear switch, but with a more “pronounced” … Read more

Kailh Box Pink Review & Sound Test: (for 2023)

Below is my hands-on Kailh Box Pink Review and sound test. I’ve been on the lookout for a SATISFYING clicky switch, but it’s been tough to find one I’m REALLY happy with. I’ve tried… But I wanted to find a “happy medium.” Takeaway: The Kailh Box Pinks are a fantastic “medium” clicky switch. They produce … Read more

Akko Vintage White Review & Sound Test (2023)

Today I’m reviewing the Akko Vintage White switches, as well as giving a quick sound test! Out of all the linear switches I’ve tried (and I’ve typed on dozens), I think the vintage whites are easily one of my favorites! Overall, the Akko Vintage Whites are a “tappy” sounding switch with a light actuation force, … Read more

Akko Silver Switches Review & Sound Test (2023)

Want a silky smooth switch that’s FAST (and doesn’t destroy your wallet)? This is my Akko Silver Switch Review and sound test. My Overall Review: The Akko CS Silvers are probably the best linear switch from Akko. I’d describe them as perfectly “balanced.” They feel fast, light, and smooth right out of the box (without … Read more

Akko CS Matcha Green (Review & Sound Test)

There’s a ton of “budget linear switches” are on the market. But in my experience, finding a GOOD budget linear is tough. Luckily, the Akko CS Matcha Green switches are A+! They sound great, feel great, and are easy to mod. The only downfall is they don’t have a dust-proof stem with a box, and … Read more