NK Sherbet Review (& Switch Sound Test)

NK Sherbet Review

The Novelkeys (NK) Sherbet is one of the most popular clicky switches in the mechanical keyboard world…

But are they worth the hype?

Below is my thorough review of the NK Sherbet clicky switches.

Bottom Line: The NK Sherbets use a “click bar” mechanism to produce the clicking sound, which is much more pleasant and satisfying than “normal” clicky switches (like Cherry MX Blues). They sound crunchy and scratchy, and aren’t as loud or as sharp as the Kailh Box Jades, Pinks, or Pale Blues (box design switches). At roughly $0.50 per switch, they’re a MUCH better clicky switch than Cherry or Gateron clicky switches!

But personally, I still prefer the Kailh Box Jades or Pinks.

Let’s get into the details 👇

NK Sherbet Sound Test

As you can see, the click bar design (see below) leads to a MUCH more distinct “click” or “crunch” than typical blue or green clicky switches.

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Novelkeys Sherbet Switch Details

Here are the specs of the switch:

Typeclicky (meaning there’s a tactile bump AND a small click noise)
Operating Force45g (light resistance)
Travel Distance2mm pre-travel (medium-long) and 4mm total travel (normal). Some people think the longer travel distance makes these switches feel mushy. I disagree!
PriceAround $0.50 each on Amazon (depending on the number of switches you buy)
SoundMedium-loud clicky, crunchy, scratchy (in a good way)
FeelThey feel “normal,” and not in a bad way. Not mushy, just not “distinct” like Box Clicky switches

The biggest thing that sets the NK Sherbets apart is the click-bar mechanism.

Most “normal” clicky switches use a “click jacket” mechanism to produce the clicking noise (like Gateron Blues, Outemu blues, Razer, etc. The “click jacket” generally has a softer, higher-pitched click that clicks on the downward keystroke.

The click bar, however, has a much louder and crunchier click sound, and clicks on the downpress and return up!

NK sherbet click bar
inside the NK sherbet

Other switches that feature a click bar:

NK Sherbet Pricing:

KPREPUBLIC NovelKeys x Kailh Sherbet Switch 3pin 2pin RGB SMD Clickbar Orange 45g Force mx stem Switch for Backlit...
  • Clickbar | 4.0mm travel | 83g Peak Force | 45g Actuation | 70g Bottom Out | Plate Mount
  • Pls pay attention: Kailh Switch only, not including other things.

You can also find them on KPRepublic here.

At right around $0.50 per switch–that’s a GREAT price for such a community-favorite clicky switch!

The Cherry MX Blues are much more expensive (roughly $1 per switch), and won’t sound or feel nearly as good.

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NK Sherbet Sound & Feel

Here’s what I’ve personally found typing on the NK Sherbets for a few weeks.


These switches sound clicky, crunchy, and scratchy (in a good way).

Scratchiness is usually a bad thing for keyboards, but these switches sound like this intentionally, and I personally like it!

The click bar isn’t NEARLY as pronounced as on the Kailh Box clicky switches–but it’s superior to “click jacket clicky switches” like the Cherry MX Blues, Greens, etc.


The NK Sherbet’s feel surprisingly “normal” for a clicky switch.

When you type on the Kailh Box Jades (or Pinks or Navys or Whites), you KNOW you’re typing on a Kailh Box clicky switch! They feel very “distinct.” The NK Sherbets are much more normal.

They still have a slight “crunch” to them thanks to the clicky bar, but it isn’t as noticeable as on the Box Jades.

click bar vs click jacket
the NK sherbets aren’t in this picture, but they have the click bar, NOT the click jacket

And although they have a lighter 45g actuation force, they have a slightly longer travel distance (2mm pre-travel to actuation, 4mm total travel). They don’t feel overly light or fast.

Although a lot of mechanical keyboard YouTubers do NOT approve of the NK Sherbets because of how they feel (they usually blame the longer travel distance), I personally think they feel just fine! Nice and crunchy for a clicky switch.

Alternatives to the NK Sherbets

There are several switches that I personally think are better…

SwitchTypeClick MechanismNotes
Cherry MX BlueClickyClick JacketThe OG clicky switch. Sounds tappy. Most people don’t like.
Kailh Speed CopperClickyClick JacketA faster, “gaming” switch (though the difference is small). Sounds more muted.
Kailh Box JadeClickyClick BarThe “hardcore” clicky switch is loud, metallic, and crunchy. Feels THICK and I love it.
Kailh Box WhiteClickyClick BarSimilar to Jades, but lighter and maybe a bit faster and less intense
Kailh Box NavyClickyClick BarSimilar to Jades, but thicker and deeper
Kailh Box PinkClickyClick BarSimilar to Jades, but a bit more subtle
NK CreamLinearn/aSimilar to the NK Sherbets, but a linear switch that is super smooth and popular in the MK world!

Honestly, which clicky switch you choose comes down to what YOU find appealing to listen to, as well as the feel you want.

Conclusion: Should you buy the NK Sherbets?

The Novelkeys Sherbet are great clicky switches at a reasonable price point. They’re less tappy and higher-pitched than Cherry MX Blues, but less intense than the Kailh Box clicky switches.

They’re popular in the mechanical keyboard communities, and for good reason: they’re solid.

However, I still prefer the Kailh Box clicky switches (Jades, Pinks, Navy, and Whites). I think they are more satisfying to type on, and I enjoy a more metallic, louder click!

But if you’re into “subtle but fun,” you should give the NK Sherbets a try 😎

Click here to grab em on Amazon!

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