What Company Owns CORSAIR?

Corsair is a multi-billion dollar public company in the gaming space. So what company owns Corsair? Since Corsair is a publicly-traded company, its stock is owned by shareholders. As of 12/31/2021, approximately 57.3% of Corsair’s stock is owned by EagleTree Capital, which initially invested in Corsair in 2017. Therefore, EagleTree controls Corsair and even has … Read more

Where Does Corsair Manufacture Its Products?

Corsair has been a huge name in the gaming industry for decades at this point. They are a global brand with TONS of different products–from mechanical keyboards to pre-built gaming systems. But where does Corsair manufacture its products? Corsair does not disclose the exact locations or names of their 3rd party manufacturing partners! Corsair’s main … Read more

Where Are Corsair Keyboards Made?

Corsair makes some of the market’s most popular keyboards and peripherals today, so it’s only natural to want to understand where and how Corsair products are made! So where are Corsair keyboards made? According to their financial statements, many Corsair products are manufactured in a leased facility in Taiwan. However, they also sell gear that … Read more