The 10 Best 60% Keyboards (For 2023)

best 60 keyboards

This is my review of the best 60 percent keyboards (60%), updated for 2023! Sure, number pads and function keys are great–but who doesn’t LOVE a sleek, portable, amazing-looking compact keyboard? BUT…if you don’t do your homework for a 60% keyboard, you could end up missing out on the standard functionality of a keyboard (and … Read more

The Best 40% Mechanical Keyboards for 2023

Does size matter–when it comes to keyboards? In this post, I’m breaking down my best 40% keyboards. To be honest–the 40% is NOT for everyone (it’s not the most functional keyboard ever…), but man are they CUTE! Little teeny-tiny mechanical keyboards that can go anywhere! Here are my 40% faves: What is a 40% keyboard? … Read more

Best Mechanical Keyboard Under $50 (9 Budget Picks for 2023)

best mechanical keyboard under 50

On a budget—but wanna click, clack, and thock? Good news! There are several GREAT budget-friendly keyboards! ⌨️ I’ve personally typed on dozens of budget mechanical keyboards, and I have 7-9 different options for the best mechanical keyboard under $50. Here are my top recommendations: BUT, my recommendation depends on what you plan on using it … Read more

The 9 Best Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboards [2023]

Want to experience the glorious pleasure of typing & gaming on a mechanical keyboard–but don’t wanna strain your wrist & fingers? 🥲 I’ve typed on 30+ mechanical keyboards, and I’ve chosen 5 SOLID options for the best low-profile mechanical keyboard award. Here are the main factors I considered: Since there’s no “one clear choice” for … Read more