How to Build a Custom Keyboard: An Easy DIY Mechanical Keyboard Guide.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll teach you how to build a custom keyboard that looks, feels, and sounds like a million bucks. I’ve built several keyboards (#NerdAlert), and I’m adding some little-known tips & tricks that’ll make this process easier and faster. Warning: Building keyboards is fun and addictive. Even if all this seems overwhelming … Read more

Keyboard Sizes: A Simple Guide & Sizing Chart

Keyboards are just like people–they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors! Keyboard sizes range from full-sized all the way down to compact keyboards that literally only have letters. Each size has its own set of features and benefits! The most common keyboard sizes are: (and less common keyboard sizes are 96%, 65%, and 40%). … Read more

Why Are Mechanical Keyboards Better? 7 Pros and Cons (for typing and gaming)

why are mechanical keyboards better

You’ve heard about them from your computer nerd or gamer friend, but why are mechanical keyboards better? When I (accidentally) purchased my first mechanical keyboard, I noticed a few things immediately: I had no clue what a mechanical keyboard was–and wasn’t expecting it to be that different than my Apple Magic keyboard. But I was … Read more

Keycap Profiles: A Simple Overview and Comparison.


Believe it or not, the profile of a keycap makes a HUGE difference when it comes to typing experience, comfort, and speed! Let’s dive into more details, and explore common keycap profiles (and what that means for your typing or gaming). What do we mean by “keycap profiles?”  Answer: the shape of the keycap when … Read more

ANSI vs ISO: A Simple Breakdown of Keyboard Layouts

ansi vs iso

ANSI vs ISO: These acronyms refer to the two most common layouts for computer keyboards. But which layout is better? Which layout does your keyboard have? Check out the details & graphics below to compare the differences between ANSI and ISO (and JIS)! Note: This post focuses on ANSI, ISO, and JIS layouts (physical keyboard … Read more

Keyboard Layout: A Simple Guide & Comparison (2023)

Not sure what keyboard layout you’re actually using? Or want to experiment with more efficient & faster typing layouts? I’ve tried to type faster with Dvorak & Colemak (and I’ve also built ANSI and ISO keyboards). But there are all SORTS of different kinds of keyboard layouts–so let’s explore the details below 👇 What Are … Read more

What is a mechanical keyboard? A simple guide to differences and benefits!

You overheard this fancy-sounding term somewhere, but exactly what is a mechanical keyboard? I’ve been building custom keyboards for years at this point, and it’s my favorite hobby! (and I have dozens of mason jars filled with keyboard switches to prove it). Here’s a quick beginner’s guide to all things mechanical keyboards. 👇 Mechanical Keyboard … Read more

How to Foam Mod a Keyboard (For Sound Dampening!)

If you’re looking for a way to dampen the sound of your keyboard, foam modding is a great option. (and is surprisingly simple and cheap to do)! So if you’ve got your custom keeb, keycaps, and lubed Holy Pandas (mmmmmmmm smooth!)–but you’re looking to level up even further…it’s time to learn how to foam mod … Read more