How Many Keys Are on a 40% Keyboard? (Layout Details)

40% keyboard details

If you’re looking for a tiny (but surprisingly functional) mechanical keyboard, the 40% size is a keyboard nerd’s dream! ⌨️ But there aren’t a lot of keys to work with, and it’s vital you learn the function shortcuts. But still–so CUTE. Here’s more details 👇 How many keys are on a 40% keyboard? There are … Read more

How Many Keys Are on a 60% Keyboard?

There are actually a TON of different sizes of mechanical (and membrane) keyboards, and the 60% compact size is one of the most popular! It’s small but functional, and surprisingly easy to travel with. Here are more details 👇 How many keys are on a 60% keyboard? There are usually 61 keys on a 60% … Read more

Are Blue Switches Good for Gaming? The Details, Explained.

I’m going to be really honest… I don’t understand why so many gamers & mechanical keyboard enthusiasts hate clicky switches (including Cherry MX Blue, etc, etc). There might be a few reasons that clicky switches aren’t the best for gaming… But the answer is more nuanced than that! So. Are blue switches good for gaming? … Read more

Are Red Switches Good for Gaming? Why?

If you’re a PC gamer, there are a few things you’re CONSTANTLY on the lookout for… So when it comes to mechanical keyboards, red linear switches are by FAR the preferred choice. But why?? Let’s get into it 😉 Are Red Switches Good for Gaming? Yes, but there are other switches that work great for … Read more

What are Gateron Milky switches? (Details & Differences)

Gateron is a VERY popular mechanical keyboard switch brand… (and a cheaper alternative to Cherry switches, Boba, ZealPC, and others). But I get it. ☹️ There are a LOT of different switch options and it can be overwhelming to sort through them! So what are Gateron Milky Switches? Gateron Milky Switches are made with different … Read more

Do Cherry Keyboards Work With a Mac? (Setup Guide)

Cherry is one of the oldest & best brands in the world of mechanical keyboards… But do Cherry keyboards work with Mac computers? Yes, all Cherry keyboards will function on Mac, even those that aren’t listed as “for Mac.” However, You might have to change a few keyboard settings in macOS System Preferences (swapping the … Read more

Keyboard Deals (November 2022)

If there’s ONE THING I like even more than mechanical keyboards… It’s more, cheaper mechanical keyboards. (see what I did there). Below is my curated list of current keyboard deals, discounts, and offers on sweet mechanical keyboards and accessories! “Just one more switch set, mom!” This post was updated on 11/28/22 at 8am ET. I’ll … Read more

Do Drop Keyboards Work With Mac? (CTRL and ALT Setup Guide)

The Drop ALT and the Drop CTRL are two PREMIUM mechanical keyboards that are wildly popular in the community. But do Drop keyboards work with Mac computers? Yes, Drop mechanical keyboards are fully compatible with Mac. However, you’ll probably need to open your System Preferences and tweak 1-2 settings (the keyboard modifiers). Additionally, the Drop … Read more

Does Roccat Work With Mac? (Setup Guide)

In the past few years, Roccat has been making some AMAZING gaming keyboards & mice… But does Roccat work with Mac computers? Yes, all Roccat keyboards and mice will function on Mac computers. However, Roccat’s software drivers are only available for Windows. Luckily, there are a few minor tweaks you can make in MacOS System … Read more