Akko Vintage White Review & Sound Test (2023)

Today I’m reviewing the Akko Vintage White switches, as well as giving a quick sound test!

Out of all the linear switches I’ve tried (and I’ve typed on dozens), I think the vintage whites are easily one of my favorites!

Overall, the Akko Vintage Whites are a “tappy” sounding switch with a light actuation force, and actually sound and feel fantastic WITHOUT lubing or filming (even though there’s still some spring ping).

At $0.22 per switch, they’re affordable, too!

Before we dive in, here’s a quick sound test video:

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Akko CS Vintage White Details (Pros and Cons)


  • A fair price point ($0.22 per switch)
  • Factory lubed (these actually sound and feel great stock right out of the box!)
  • Smooth and tappy sound
  • Great linear for typing AND gaming


  • Slightly scratchy if not lubed
  • The spring ping is still there (it’s just not as bad as on some of the other Akko switches)
  • Come in packs of 45, which can be awkward depending on your board size

What Are the Akko Vintage Whites and How Do They Compare to Other Switches?

Type of switchLinear
Actuation Force35g
SpringA “classic” extended spring, 22mm
Price$0.22 per switch, or 45 switches for $10
SoundMedium soft and “tappy,” a bit higher pitch than black linear switches
Feel“Tappy” as well, and really good! Smooth and quick, but not TOO quick. The perfect amount of resistance.

The Akko Vintage Whites are a linear switch, meaning there is no physical “bump” when you push them down, unlike tactile or clicky switches.

They have a very light actuation force at 35g, which USUALLY means a lighter and faster feel, but this switch also has a LONG spring!

It’s a “classic” extended spring, which means it’s 22mm.

akko cs switches

This gives the switch a bit of a “heavier” feel than other 35g linear switches (and generally makes it comfier to type on).

It’s a 3-pin switch with a Kailh-style housing connection (meaning to open it you’ll need a Kailh-style switch opener).

Vintage White Switch Pricing

At $0.22 per switch, these are right in line with a “budget” switch. This is usually the price of ALL of Akko’s switches.

Are they worth that price?

In my opinion, yes! Absolutely. Keep reading for more opinions 😉

How do they feel, sound, and actuate?

In a word, “tappy.”

In terms of sound, the Vintage Whites are slightly “lighter” and higher pitch that other linear switches…

  • Akko Jelly Blacks
  • Gateron Ink Blacks
  • Kailh Box Red Bean Pudding

These are all great and smooth (like the Vintage Whites), but they’re on the heavier/muted side.

The Vintage Whites are a touch lighter and have a more “tappy” sound.

The only downside to the switches is the spring ping.

It’s been an issue with MOST of the Akko switches I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a LOT), but it’s not as bad as some of the other Akko switches. (I’m looking at YOU, Matcha Greens).

There’s a tiny bit of scratchiness if you DON’T lube them, but it’s not the worst I’ve heard.

Vintage White Feel

It’s weird! On one hand, the lighter actuation force make it faster and lighter…

But on the other hand, because of the spring length, there’s still a bit of resistance when bottoming out.

It’s hard to explain…but it feels REALLY good.

OH, and they actually feel factory-lubed, which is a huge plus (and something I don’t usually notice. Many factory-lubed switches don’t actually feel any different than un-lubed).

Should you buy the Vintage Whites?

The bottom line is this: if you like the way they sound from the sound test video above, and you want a great budget linear switch, the Vintage Whites are a fantastic choice.

They feel exactly like they sound.

Are the Akko CS Vintage Whites good for gaming?

In general, linear switches are preferred for gaming…

but for me, personally? No.

I’d probably choose something a bit heavier and more muted, like the Gateron Ink Blacks.

(But they’re not BAD for gaming by any means. The tapping makes me think of typing and working, that’s all).

That said, I’d probably pick these over the Akko Matcha Greens for gaming. For sure.

Are the Akko CS Vintage Whites good for typing and general use?

Yes, 100%.

The extended spring makes for a comfortable typing experience, and the light actuation force makes them fast.

I’d probably prefer to type on the Vintage Whites than on the ANY OTHER Akko linear switch I’ve tried (including the Rose Reds, Matcha Greens, or Ink Blacks).

This is a good typing linear switch.

And again, I personally associate a higher-pitched switch with typing and/or work (I generally “work” on clicky switches).

My Recommended Alternatives to the Vintage Whites

I have a few I’ll toss out there:

Akko Rose Reds

These are another great linear with a similar sound–but they’re a bit heavier.

Akko Jelly Blacks

I did a full review video on these, check it out here!

These are definitely heavier, but the sound is also slightly higher-pitched (like the Rose Reds and Vintage Whites)

Akko Matcha Greens

These are similar to the Vintage Whites in terms of actuation force and spring length, but they’re FAR more scratchy and pingy.

I don’t really think you should use these switches stock. Ya need to lube them!

Tecsee Carrots

If you’re not going to lube or film switches anyways–I think the Tecsee Carrots might actually be better, AND they’re even cheaper.

Just don’t lube these–the plastic is so cheap it starts to deform.

Gateron Ink Blacks V2

The Gateron Ink Blacks are my current favorite linear switch. They’re heavy and SMOOOTH. Definitely a lower-pitched sound, too.

Akko linear switch F.A.Q.s

Let’s take a peek at some frequently asked questions:

Is AKKO vintage white linear?

Yes, the Vintage Whites are a linear switch with a 35g actuation force and extended 22m spring. Linears switches are typically “smoother” feeling than tactile or clicky switches, as they don’t have the additional tactile “bump” or “click.”

Are AKKO vintage whites tactile?

No. The Vintage Whites are linear switches and do not have a tactile “bump.”

Is vintage white good?

It depends on your preferences! I think the Vintage Whites are a great budget linear switch–they sound good (with maybe a bit of spring ping), they’re smooth to game or type on, and they feel nice and tappy.

Are AKKO switches good?

Absolutely. Even though they’re budget-friendly, Akko switches are well-made and sound great. I think they’re some of the best budget switches on the market. Akko also takes great care in the shipping of their switches. They generally come well-protected with a few layers in a beautiful box.

Conclusion: Are the Akko Vintage White switches worth it?

Overall, I think the Akko Vintage Whites are a great budget linear switch. They sound good (a bit pingy if you don’t lube them, but otherwise nice out of the box), and I like the higher-pitched sound for typing.

They’re smooth to type on, and I think they’d be great for gaming as well.

Click here to grab some Akko Vintage Whites.