Akko Rose Red Review & Sound Test (2023)

akko rose red review and sound test

Want a super light, fast, and smooth linear switch that doesn’t break the bank?

This is my complete Akko Rose Red review, sound test, comparison, etc!

The Big Picture: The Akko CS Rose Red switches are 3-pin linear switches that feel light, smooth, and fast. The sound profile can be described as “high-pitch, poppy, and tappy.” They’re well-built and well-packaged, and sound decent without lube (but lubing does make them better). For around $0.30 per switch, they’re a fantastic lighter linear switch!

That’s seriously cheap for such a great switch.

You can grab the Akko Rose Red switches right on Amazon.

Table of Contents:

Akko Rose Red Switch Details:

TypeLinear (meaning there’s no tactile bump in the keystroke. It’s smooth all the way down and back up).
Operating Force43g (pretty light resistance, less than a typical red, yellow, or black switch, i.e. Cherry MX Red)
Travel Distance1.8mm pre-travel (normal) and 3.5mm total travel (short). The Akko CS “progressive spring” is what sets the Rose Red switches apart!
PriceUnder $0.35 each on Amazon(!)
SoundDefinitely a higher pitch than most red or black linears (and a bit louder maybe) “Poppy and tappy” come to mind. Not in a bad way!
FeelFast, smooth, light.

The Rose Reds have the usual materials:

  • Stem: POM
  • Top Housing: Transparent PA
  • Bottom Housing: pink-colored polycarbonate

If you don’t want to lube them (i.e. “stock), you can expect them to be a bit on the loud and sharp side–but it’s not annoying or anything.

And while I think you SHOULD lube them, the good news is that they’re quite easy to disassemble & assemble. You’ll need a Kailh-style switch opener though!

RGB shines through just fine btw–since they have semi-transparent upper housing.

Akko Rose Red Sound Test

Akko Rose Red: Pros and Cons


  • Excellent price for what you get.
  • Feels light and speedy
  • If you like the higher “tappy” sound, these are for you


  • A bit louder than other linears (this could be a pro?)
  • Probably need to lube them
  • They might feel too “light” for some people.

Most of this will come down to personal preference of course! There are some people who SWEAR by the Akko Rose Reds, while I personally prefer a heavier sound & feel (like the Jelly Blacks, Milky Yellows, etc).

More on that below.

Akko Rose Red Pricing:

Akko CS Switches, 3 Pin 43gf Linear Switch Compatible for MX Mechanical Keyboard (45 pcs, Rose Red)
  • Akko CS Switch Series – Akko Custom Series (CS) switches are 3-pin custom switches made for DIY enthusiasts to obtain satisfying typing feelings with more affordable options.
  • Rose Red 43gf Linear Switch – With a light actuation force of 43gf, Akko rose red switches are more responsive than Akko pink switches. With a 3.5mm prolonged stem, the switches produce a lighter...
  • Built-in LED Slot – Akko CS switches are equipped with LED slot ready for LED Mod/Assembly, and are SMD compatible (LED underneath the switch).

They’re definitely budget-friendly at roughly $0.30-$0.40 each!

You can get a 45-piece package for $15ish on Amazon, and it’s roughly the same on Akko’s site or elsewhere (though you’ll pay a few extra bucks for shipping of course).

Compare that with…

  • Boba U4: $0.65 per switch
  • Gateron Milky Yellow: $0.25 per switch
  • Glorious Pandas: $0.70 per switch
  • Akko Jelly Black: $0.40 per switch

That’s a steal for how these switches feel & sound.

Akko Rose Red Sound & Feel

Sure, they’re super budget switches.

But are they worth it?

If you like light & tappy, YES.


I’m going to use the word “poppy” again.

They’re on the higher pitch end of…

  • Really deep “low-end” butter sound (like the Gateron Milky Yellows, etc.)
  • High-end “tappy” sounds (like the Akko Silvers, Matcha Green, Vintage Whites)

They’re also NOT very muted. More of a sharper “pop” and “tap” sound, though not unpleasant if you’re into that sort of thing.

Definitely NOT buttery and silky though.


akko rose red and kailh red box pudding
Rose Red switches on the left

“Smooth, yet light and fast.”

The Akko CS switches feature a “progressive spring,” which is slightly shorter and more tightly wound than their previous springs.

This gives them just enough resistance while maintaining a smooth and fast keystroke.

  • Smooth
  • Light
  • Fast
  • Sharp

That’s how I would personally describe the Akko Rose Reds. This is MOST similar to the Akko Silvers (which I prefer btw! The silvers are my favorite linear switch of all time I think).

The Rose Reds are much lighter than the Jelly Blacks or Vintage Whites.

akko cs switches

But for $0.35ish a switch, they feel nice and smooth. Definitely a high-quality lighter switch!

Alternatives to Akko Rose Red Switches

Here are some similar linear switches that I have tested and can recommend!

Akko Vintage Whites

Ok I know we’ve already mentioned this, and these are a LINEAR switch, but that’s about the only difference.

They’re still very smooth, and pretty “tappy,” and with more resistance. HEAVIER, for sure. I do like them though!

Click here to read our review & sound test of the Akko Vintage Whites.

Akko Matcha Green

I enjoy the Matcha Green switches as well, though they definitely need lubing!

Right out of the box, these will sound really pingy. But put some Krytox 205g on them, and they have another pleasant high-pitched tappy sound.

For my money, I prefer the Rose Reds (especially stock, with no lube).

Click here to read our review & sound test of the Akko Matcha greens!

Gateron Ink Black V2

The Ink Blacks might be my 2nd favorite linear switch, period.

They’re heavier, smoother, more buttery and thocky, and WAY more expensive.

Might as well be a completely different switch than the Rose Reds.

If you have two keyboards and want two linear switches? Grab the Ink Blacks and Akko Silvers 🙂 😎

Akko Silver

Ding ding ding!

If you’re looking for the PERFECT light linear switch, ditch the Rose Reds and try the Akko Silvers.

They’re faster, sound better, and feel PERFECT.

Some folks might prefer to stay on the “low-end buttery” sound, and those folks would likely prefer the Rose Reds (or Gateron Ink Blacks).

The silvers are A+++ in my book though.

Click here to read our review & sound test of the Akko Silvers.

They’re equally cheap and way better.

Bottom Line: Should you purchase the Akko Rose Reds?

The Akko Rose Reds are a wonderfully smooth and light linear switch. They’re “tappy” and “poppy” sounding, but in a pleasant way. And while I personally prefer the Akko Silver switches, if you like the sound of the Rose Reds, they won’t let you down!

At $0.35 per switch, it’s a bargain.

Click here to grab the Rose Reds off Amazon!

Akko Rose Red F.A.Q.s

Is Akko rose red good for gaming?

Absolutely. The Akko Rose Red switches are a light & fast linear switch (which most gamers prefer due to slightly faster response times and smooth, accurate keystrokes). The Rose Red switches also have a pleasant “tappy” sound, and are very affordable at under $0.40 per switch!

Is Akko rose red linear?

Yes, the Akko Rose Red switches are a 3-pin linear switch (meaning there is no tactile bump during the keystroke. It’s a smooth keystroke all the way down and back up).

Are Akko Rose Red switches good?

It all depends on what you’re looking for–but, in general, the Akko Rose Red switches are a fantastic budget linear switch that is light, fast, and smooth. They have a “tappy” sound, which is slightly higher pitched than other heavy linear switches. They’re also very affordable at under $0.40 per switch.

How long do Akko switches last?

All of Akko’s switches are rated for up to 60 Million keystrokes, and they’re also built with the highest standards of quality (and they ship in very protective packaging as well).

Is Akko a good brand?

Out of all the budget mechanical keyboard manufacturers, Akko is definitely one of the best. It’s clear they take great care in their switch and keycap production (and they’re packaging is the best I’ve seen). I’ve been very impressed with everything I’ve received from them.

Are Akko switches 3 pin?

Yes, all Akko switches are 3-pin, “plate-mounted” switches. You can obviously still install them straight into 5-pin PCB slots, but there could be a slight wobble, depending on your keyboard

Which Akko CS switch is the best?

While it really comes down to preference, we recommend either the Akko Rose Red switches (if you want a good balance of light, smooth, and fast), or the Akko Vintage White switches if you want a lower-pitched and high-resistance linear switch. If you’d prefer tactile, we recommend the Akko CS Lavender.