Akko Matcha Green vs Jelly Black (Switch Comparison)

akko matcha green vs jelly black

It’s no secret that Akko makes some AMAZING mechanical keyboard switches–and the Matcha Green & Jelly Blacks are two of the most popular choices!

But which switch is better?

Here’s my comparison between the Akko Matcha Green vs Jelly Black switches:

  • Both the Matcha Greens and Jelly Blacks are linear switches (meaning the keypress is smooth down and back up)
  • Both switches offer medium resistance (50g operating force) and average travel distances to activation (1.9mm pre-travel and 4mm total travel)
  • The Matcha Greens have a higher-pitched “tappy” sound, while the Jelly Blacks are deeper and slightly more muted
  • Both switches feel smooth, but the Matcha Greens have a slightly “hollow” and “resonate” feel, while the Jelly Blacks are a bit thicker (“buttery”)

Here are more details about these two Akko switches 🙂

Akko Matcha Green vs Jelly Black Sound Test

Side-by-side Switch Details

Akko Matcha GreenAkko Jelly Black
Type of switchLinearLinear
Actuation Force50g50g
Price$0.25 per switch on Amazon$0.40 per switch on Amazon
Switch DesignStandard MX-styleBOX design (still compatible with MX-style keycaps of course)
Soundtappy and “pingy”deeper and softer
FeelSmooth but hollowHeavy, smooth, but each key feels pronounced somehow
MaterialsPOM stem, Polycarbonate housing (transparent top half)POM stem, Polycarbonate housing (transparent top half)
SpringProgressive spring, which means slightly “more spring in the same length”Extended spring, which is a normal spring except longer
Needs lubing and filming?YES. Definitely needs lubing, as the springs are too pingy withoutLube helps, but these sound better stock out of the box!

Since they’re mostly the same materials and operating force, the differences between these switches come down to:

  • Spring
  • Additional “BOX” design on the Jelly Blacks

PRO TIP: The “BOX” design is NOT like Kailh Box Switches, where some of the internal switch parts are housed in a little box.

The Akko Jelly Blacks ONLY have a “box-shaped stem,” which leads to a smoother keypress with less wobble (though the difference is barely noticeable)

We have actually reviewed each of these switches, which you can find right here:

Matcha Greens vs Jelly Blacks, which is better?

I’ve typed on hundreds of different mechanical switches, and I think the Akko Jelly Blacks are far better than the Matcha Green switches!

The Jelly Blacks…

  • Sound Better (just my opinion)
  • Don’t need lubing (at least as much as the Matcha Greens)
  • Feel great
  • Aren’t that much more expensive.

The biggest downside to the Matcha Greens is the “spring ping.” Spring ping is an annoying “metallic ringing” sound that can occur for several reasons–but sometimes come down to the springs themselves.

If you take the time to lube the Matcha Greens (I did lube mine), a lot of the spring ping goes away. But the Jelly Blacks sound much better out of the box.

And if you like the higher-pitched “tappy” sound, the Akko Silvers have that same sound profile and feel MUCH better than the Matcha Greens!

If you like “deep and buttery smooth,” get the Akko Jelly Blacks.

If you like “fast, smooth, and tappy,” skip the Matcha Greens and buy the Akko Speed Silvers instead!

So there ya go!

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