Akko Lavender Purple Switch Review & Sound Test (2023)

akko lavender purple switch review

If you’re into tactile switches, but don’t want to spend a ton of money…you’re in for a treat!

This is my Akko Lavender Purple Review (and sound test).

The Bottom Line: I think the Lavender purples are an EXCELLENT tactile switch for the money. They have a “tappy” sound that clearly improves & softens with a bit of lube, and they have a “fast & stiff resistance” that feels great for typing.

As a long-time fan of tactile switches (I’ve tried 20+ different tactiles), these are some of the BEST you can buy under $0.40ish a switch!

You can grab the Akko Lavender Purple switches right on Amazon.

Akko CS Switches, 3 Pin 36gf Tactile Keyboard Switches Lavender Purple Key Switches Plate Mounted Compatible for MX...
  • Keyboard Switches & Akko CS Series – Akko Custom Series (CS) lavender purple switches are 3 pin plate mounted custom key switches made for DIY enthusiasts to obtain satisfying typing feelings with...
  • Lavender Purple 36gf Tactile Keyboard Switches – Different from Ocean Blue, Lavender Purple Tactile Switch is produced with a 18mm extension spring that is aimed to create unique and smooth...
  • Built-in LED Slot – Akko CS switches are equipped with LED slot ready for LED Mod/Assembly, and are SMD compatible (LED underneath the switch).

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Akko Lavender Purple Switch Details:

TypeTactile (meaning you feel a “bump” as you press the key) 3-pin switch
Operating Force:36g (that’s pretty light)
Spring:“Extended Classic” (18mm) is slightly less compressed than other Akko CS switches
Tactile bump location:At the top of the keystroke (important!)
Price:Under $0.40 each on Amazon
Sound:“tappy and a bit loud” – softens up easily with a bit of lube 😉
Feel:Fast action, pretty stiff (but not teeth-rattling), and a great balance of light and heavy

I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried an Akko switch I didn’t enjoy, and the Akko Lavender Purples are no exception!

If you don’t want to lube them (i.e. “stock), you can expect them to be a bit on the loud and sharp side–but it’s not annoying or anything.

That said, just a LIGHT lubing can really make these switches sound SO much better. I definitely recommend it!

Solid purple bottom housing, semi-transparent upper housing.

RGB shines through just fine, and I love the way the Akko lavenders look!

Lavender Purple: Pros and Cons


  • Excellent price for what you get.
  • Pleasing sound (especially if you like something a bit more pronounced and higher pitched)
  • The “long spring but with short actuation force” makes them feel “stiff,” which some people like (if you wanted “smooth,” go with a linear switch?)


  • Definitely a sound improvement when you lube, so that’s something to consider.
  • The “stiffness” can also be a con for some people
  • Louder than most other tactiles I’ve tried (doesn’t bother me, but again, something to consider.

Lavender Purple Pricing:

These will run you roughly $0.30 – $0.40 each, depending on the retailer and quantity you buy from.

You can get a 45-piece package for $18ish on Amazon, or for $16ish on AliExpress.

(or also from the Akko website for around $17ish, but with longer shipping.)

Compare that with…

  • Boba U4: $0.65 per switch
  • Gateron Brown: $0.45 per switch
  • Glorious Pandas: $0.70 per switch
  • Akko Lavender Purple: $0.40 per switch

I think you’ll agree that the Akko switch is a great deal!

Akko Lavender Purple Sound Test

Let’s get into “Pete’s thoughts.”


I’m boiling the Lavender’s down to one word: “tappy.”

(This is similar to the Vintage White in that regard, but with a little less “ping” in the sound)

Other words I’d use to describe the Lavender Purple sound:

  • Tappy – a little “tap tap” on each press
  • Crunchy – a bit of scratch isn’t always a bad thing.
  • Higher Pitch – very pronounced, but still enjoyable.
  • Loud – not super loud, mind you…but louder than most other tactile switches I’ve tried.

If you can lube these bad boys (check out switch lubing guide here!) they will definitely soften up and sound a bit more muted and smooth.


“Balanced but stiff” is how I might describe the feel of the Akko Lavender Purples.

That’s what you get when you combine…

  • A light actuation force, with
  • An extended spring, with
  • An EARLY tactile bump at the top of the keystroke.

Look how “fast” these switches have the bump:

This provides a good bit of resistance right at the start of the keypress–but the light actuation force balances this out.

Not good, not bad, but definitely a bit stiff!

(Then again, if you wanted smooth, you’d probably be better off with a linear switch like the Akko Vintage White.)

Those Vintage Whites are almost EXACTLY the same switch, but with no tacile bump.

Alternatives to Akko Lavender Purple Switches

Akko Ocean Blues

These are the other great tactile switch from Akko.

  • Same price
  • Same actuation force
  • DIFFERENT “progressive” spring (which is shorter and more compressed)

It’ll sound similar, but probably be a bit smoother. The tactile bump is also farther “down” the keystroke.

Tecsee Sapphire V2 (read our review here)

The Sapphires are a solid choice, though slightly more expensive.

They’re more “crackly” and “wooden” sounding, and they feel stiffer and more muted.

And they’re pretty. The design is super cool!

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  • ✅ TECSEE new Mix PC material lubrication for your hot swappable mechanical gaming keyboards.

Glorious Pandas

These have always been some of my favorite tactiles.

  • More expensive, for sure
  • Sound is a bit more “flat,” but still fairly loud (most people like this)
  • Feel pretty similar. Maybe a bit more smooth.

They’re a community favorite for a reason.

Akko Vintage Whites (read our review here)

Ok I know we’ve already mentioned this, and these are a LINEAR switch, but that’s about the only difference.

Same spring, actuation force, and tappy sound.

Just smoother (because no bump!).

Cherry MX Browns (or Gateron Browns)

Obviously, Cherry MX switches have always been the gold standard (though their competitors are BLOOMING the past few years).

You can go wrong with the Cherry MX browns!

They’re simple, more muted than these “tappy” switches, but have always given a solid tactile bump.

They cost roughly $0.70 per switch, but you can always pick up some Gateron Browns if you’re on a budget. It’s a VERY muted sound compared to the Akko Lavender Purples.

Bottom Line: Should you purchase the Akko Lavender Purples?

If you’re looking for a tactile switch on a budget and like the higher-pitched “tappy” sound, these are PERFECT.

And, if you don’t mind lubing, you can make them even smoother.

You can beat them at $0.40 per switch.

But…be warned that they’re a bit stiff (as are most tactile switches).

Click here to grab the Lavender Purples off Amazon!

Lavender Purple F.A.Q.s

Are Akko lavender switches good?

It all depends on what you’re looking for–but, in general, the Akko Lavender Purples are a great budget option (half the price of popular premium tactile switches). They have a nice “tappy” sound and early tactile bump, but can be stiff to press.

How long do Akko switches last?

Akko’s switches are rated for up to 60 Million keystrokes, and they’re also built with the highest standards of quality (and they ship in very protective packaging as well).

Is Akko a good brand?

Out of all the budget mechanical keyboard manufacturers, Akko is definitely one of the best. It’s clear they take great care in their switch and keycap production (and they’re packaging is the best I’ve seen). I’ve been very impressed with everything I’ve received from them.

Are Akko switches 3 pin?

Yes, all Akko switches are 3-pin, “plate-mounted” switches.

Which Akko CS switch is the best?

While it really comes down to preference, we recommend either the Rose Red switches or the Vintage White switches if you want a linear switch. If you’d prefer tactile, we recommend the Akko CS Lavender Purple.

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